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Members are selected from the regular Backpacker Medics volunteer program.

Following the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015, the core members of BPM who made up the Earthquake Relief Team decided that (as an organisation) we needed to be better prepared for future disasters around the globe.

And so, the Australian Disaster Response Group was established.

The Australian Disaster Response Group is comprised of a select group of highly-trained individuals- all with large amounts of travel and outdoor experience and extensive clinical and operational backgrounds.

It is a rotating, dynamic and fluid team of personnel who maintain a readiness for deployment at all times.

The Mission of the Australian Disaster Response Group is to provide post-disaster medical care to remote regions of the world in a timely and self-sustainable fashion.

The aims of the Australian Disaster Response Group are to provide medical aid in areas of the world that do not otherwise have the capability to mobilise aid in remote regions. Including (but not limited to), mountainous, arduous and potentially dangerous terrain.

The values of the Australian Disaster Response Group dictate that each individual team member brings certain values and attributes that contribute to the overall success of the group’s operation. These include:

  • Self Reliance – The ability to look after yourself and those around you.

  • Self Motivation – The thought process that leads to affirmative action without the need for constant direction.

  • Physical and Mental toughness – An ability to endure hard living and working conditions.

  • Adaptability – The ability to adapt, and innovate in rapidly changing environments and situations.

  • Integrity – To apply sound moral principles in all areas and aspects of practice.

  • Team Work – Ability to operate effectively in a dynamic and demanding small team environment.

Members are selected for the Australian Disaster Response Group after first completing an Expression of Interest.

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