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The first step in joining the Backpacker Medics Disaster Response Group is to complete an Expression of Interest form.

Please be aware that joining the Disaster Response Group is not something that is suitable for everybody- nor should it be taken lightly.

The work we do is often hot, uncomfortable, confronting and draining. It requires the highest levels of stamina, resilience, self-assurance, clinical ability (for medics) and adaptability.



DRG clinical volunteers are registered paramedics, nurses, midwives, psychologists and doctors, along with other health professionals with a passion for delivering quality healthcare in challenging environments such as natural disasters or humanitarian emergencies.



DRG logistics members are multi-skilled people of various backgrounds who undertake the challenge of supporting BPM's main clinical mission, and problem-solving to help the team achieve success. Our logistics personal are recruited from a variety of different backgrounds including military, emergency services, outdoor education and numerous other fields. 

The role of the logistics personal is to support the clinicians with the treatments of patients. Typical tasks include(but are not limited to): organising/sourcing of stores and preparation of equipment, field recon, transportation of casualties and assisting with triage. Whilst there is no set standard for logistics members, all potential applicants need to have extensive experience working in austere environments.

Applicants for this positions needs to possess very high problem-solving ability and resolve.


Support roles are for people who want to volunteer their time with Backpacker Medics, but do not meet the attributes of a DRG member (below). 





  • Work in remote or hostile environments such as police, fire, military service or humanitarian work

  • Teaching others and working with translators

  • Travel experience in developing countries

  • Experience in adaptive environments to improvise and overcome obstacles



All DRG members require at a minimum:

  • First-Aid qualification

  • Working with Vulnerable People, Police Check or other proof of character


Medical Roles require:

  • Tertiary qualification in a healthcare discipline

  • Minimum 2 years senior clinician experience

  • CME in wilderness and austere medicine



  • Self motivated with mission focus

  • Ability to work autonomously or in a small team - Good communication skills

  • Mental stamina and self discipline

  • Adaptability, humility and mutual respect

  • Emotional resilience and empathy

  • Humour - good, bad or otherwise



  • High level of general physical fitness

  • Ability to carry weighted packs and stretchers over long distances

  • Ability to work in uncomfortable positions

  • Absence of physical injuries that would limit work capacity

  • Carrying, and living from, a backpack such as an expedition

  • Fieldcraft skills such as navigation, food preparation and personal care



  • DRG members are responsible for health checks and vaccinations, both pre-deployment and post-deployment

  • Deployments are typically 14-21 days in duration

  • DRG members cover their own travel costs and insurance to the deployment country, as well as a uniform

  • All in-country operational expenses such as transport, food and accommodation are covered by DRG fundraising


PLEASE NOTE: All volunteer applicants will be expected to attend a 3-day DRG Pre-Deployment Training Course. Applicants will need to be prepared to travel to the course location within Australia (at their own expense).

PLEASE NOTE: International applicants (ie: those applying from outside Australia), will need to provide evidence of professional qualifications, current professional board certification +/or licensing, work history, a current Working with Children/Vulnerable People Certificate (or equivalent) and personal character references.

Expression of Interest

Thanks for submitting an Expression of Interest to join DRG. We don't recruit all year however your details have gone into the pool of candidates and we'll review when the next recruitment campaign opens.

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