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Our goal is simple.

Backpacker Medics (BPM) is a platform for Paramedics and other pre-hospital workers to engage with the world of humanitarian work.

Our goal is simple: to take effective medical care to those who need it most.

We are a wholly volunteer and donation-based project which endeavours to provide paramedical services in the truest sense: by working “beside” existing organisations and authorities to deliver mobile pre-hospital healthcare and community education.

Since our inception, we have chosen to work closely with individual communities to develop functional and sustainable health and education systems and form quick-response, highly-mobile humanitarian relief teams. We truly believe this model of interaction allows for the most effective and rewarding outcomes.

BPM was founded in late 2011 and worked exclusively in Nepal up until October 2017 when the Moonlight Community Healthcare Centre (funded, built and facilitated by BPM!), was handed over to the local community and health authorities.


The focus of BPM is now to provide short-term, dynamic humanitarian relief if-and-when such events unfold. This operation model sprung from our response to the 2015 Nepal Earthquake where we realised that our specialised personnel, skill-set and mobility filled a gap in the humanitarian setting (namely: we are able to respond within hours and work unsupported for many days).

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