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100% Volunteer-driven operation.

Backpacker Medics is a 100% volunteer-driven operation, so it goes without saying that our volunteers are our lifeblood and our driving force. 

Since 2011, BPM has helped hundreds of volunteers change their view on the world.

You see, when you volunteer with BPM you’re not just signing up for the life-changing challenge of a lifetime- without even knowing it, you’re acquiring a new family and a bunch of friends that will last forever!

And you’ll change many lives along the way.

We’re really proud of our “BPM Family” and we’re always looking to make it bigger: we have volunteers in our midst from every health sphere including Paramedics, Ambulance Officers, students, doctors, nurses, psychologists and allied health professionals plus a host of other professions (yep- Backpacker Medics aren’t just medics!!).

Our core work is now Disaster Relief and Response and we are constantly recruiting professionals who would be willing to drop everything and lend a hand for those that need it most.

So what are you waiting for? Click HERE to join the BPM family!

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